Adding Images

Class Blogmeister does not support image uploads for blog articles. However, if your image is already on the Internet, then it is not a difficult thing to have it display with yours or your students' blog articles. There are two ways to display such images:
  • Type or paste the URL of the image into your blog article, making sure that the URL is followed by a space. This will cause the image to be displayed to the right of the article with text wrapping around to the left, and resized to 200 pixels in width, the height resizing proportioinally.
  • You can exercise more control over the image if you use standard HTML code. Type the following into your blog: <img src="image_url" width="pixels" align="direction"> Replace image_url with the URL of the image file. Replace pixels with the number of pixels in width you want for the picture (approxiamtely 72 pixels per inch) and direction with either left or right.

Uploading Images

If you do not have an easy way to upload image files to the Internet, then you might try one of the image hosting companies. I use ImageShack ( To upload an image file using ImageShack:
  • Load the ImageShack web site --
  • Press the Browse button. A file dialog window will appear. Use it to find the image file you wish to upload.
  • Click Upload.
  • After a moment, you will receive a message that include a number of URLs and HTML code. Copy the last URL. It will look something like this.
  • Use the instructions above to insert this image into your blog.

Flickr and Class Blogmeister

If you are using flickr to store images, then you can include those images in your Class Blogmeister blogs articles. To accomplish this:
  1. Go to flickr ( and login.
  2. Find the picture you wish to include in your blog article.
  3. Click the All Sizes icon above the picture.
  4. Click the different sizes (Square, Thumbnail, Small, Medium, Large) until you find the size ideal for your blog.
  5. Right click on the image and select Copy Image Location. Some browsers (IE) do not have this option. In those cases, select Properties. The URL will be here. Highlight and copy it.
  6. Use the instructions above to insert the image URL into your blog.
  7. You can also add an image using flikr by copypasting the html flkr generates into a blogmeister article. Go to one of you Flkr images and choose the size like above. At the bottom of the page you'll notice either the url or an html script. The script makes the image linked to your flikr account.